FrequentlyAsked Questions

What is Meth Residue?

Meth residue is a by-product of using or producing Methamphetamine. The residue itself is odourless and invisible to the naked eye and to properly determine if your property is contaminated, a forensic analysis will need to be carried out. 

What areas do we service?

We can inspect and carry out our tests on homes, apartments, rentals, businesses and wherever there is suspected Meth use.

What are the health risks?

There are many health problems that can occur if Meth residue is prevalent in a home. Exposure can cause respiratory issues, eye and skin irritation, headaches, nausea and the effects to children and pets are greater.

What are the financial risks involved?

Early diagnosis of Methamphetamine contamination will reduce the financial cost of the remediation, however the greater the contamination levels the greater the cost.

Proper remediation of a property can include:  replacing or treating of carpets, walls, airconditioners, most interior surfaces, insulations, etc. In extreme cases prolonged contamination can require complete knockdown and rebuilds. 

It is imperative that testing be done as early as possible to alleviate some of the financial costs involved.

What are the legal risks?

The nature of meth residue is hard to detect (without proper testing) and because of this as a property owner/manager it is your responsibility to ensure the property is safe for living.

Australian Law states that Methamphetamine contamination above 0.5 micrograms in a space of 100cm square is unacceptable.  You can be held accountable and have law suits brought against you if the property is found to have meth residue after tenants have moved in.

Along with the legal risks, the financial risks are also great and a simple meth screening test can safe guard you and make sure you have complied with the law.

How long does inspection take?

Inspection and diagnosis times can vary depending on the size of the rooms or dwellings being inspected, however, the initial swabs will give a positive or negative indication within minutes and the report can be emailed generally the same day. Forensic lab testing requires the tests to be express mailed to a NATA approved laboratory, so the results are generally available after 3 working days.

If meth residue is found, what is the next step?

Once Methamphetamine has been detected, we can help organise professional cleaners that will carry out a deep clean to ensure your property is restored to a safe and clean living environment. 

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